Almost £1m in jewels stolen from Goodwood House

Burglars targeting Goodwood House have made off with £700,000 worth of jewellery, including a ring given to a mistress of Charles II and an 1820 diamond tiara. Owner Charles Gordon-Lennox and his wife Janet were tied up by the robbers as they helped themselves to the contents of the house safe.

A substantial reward has been offered for information leading to the return of the treasured jewellery. Detective Inspector Till Sanderson said “I hope the offer of a substantial reward by the insurers, for information leading to the recovery of important items of jewellery and personal effects of historical significance, will encourage anyone who knows anything to come forward”.

Goodwood, a large estate and mansion in the South East of England, is the seat of the Dukes of Richmond and Gordon. The family are descended from an elder sister of the 5th Duke of Gordon, probably most well-known to posterity for raising the Gordon Highlanders regiment.


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