Gordon Highlanders Museum marks 20 year anniversary

The Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen is celebrating its twenty year anniversary this year. The museum preserves and promotes the history of the Gordon Highlanders, a British Army regiment whose history stretches back to 1794, when the 92nd Regiment of Foot was raised by the 5th Duke of Gordon. With over 19 Victoria Crosses awarded to its soldiers, and Winston Churchill once referring to it as “the finest regiment that ever was”, the regiment has a storied history.

The museum was built in 1997, after the Gordon Highlanders had been merged with the Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders in 1994 to form a new regiment called The Highlanders, despite a vigorous campaign of protest. Fundraising efforts brought in over £1.7 million and the centre has seen over 700,000 visitors cross its threshold since it was established at the former regimental headquarters on Viewfield Road.

The museum no longer receives any financial support from the Ministry of Defence, and a recent downturn in the Aberdeen oil industry has also had an effect, so a new fundraising effort will be taking place this year. Despite the challenges, there are exciting plans to build a replica World War II trench in the gardens for school education visits.

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