About Us

This contains information about our clan society. To find out more about the history of the family, click here to visit our History section.

Who we are

‘The House of Gordon’ is the family society for those who are part of the Scottish family or “clan” of Gordon.

A short history of our organisation

Our society was formally founded in 1961, although the origins of the organisation were some years earlier. In 1951, a gathering of the clans was organised in Edinburgh by Lord MacPherson of Drumochter as part of the ‘Festival of Britain’, a government-sponsored effort to showcase the UK to the world after the ravages of the Second World War. Our chief at the time, Douglas Gordon, 12th Marquis of Huntly, invited members of the wider family to join him at this gathering, and the association was formed from this nucleus of people. The initiation ceremony for the new society took place at Denmore House, near Aberdeen, home of Major Tom Adam. The society expanded quickly, with national branches being set up in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada.


Our Chief

Our Chief today is the 13th Marquis of Huntly, Granville Gordon. His son and heir is Alistair Gordon, Earl of Aboyne, and his grandson is Cosmo, Lord Gordon of Strathavon and Glenlivet. The family seat is at Aboyne Castle, near where our chief presides every year as Chieftain of the Aboyne Highland Games.

Our Annual Gathering

We host a tent at the Aboyne Games every year on the first Saturday of August, where members of the society can meet each other and find out more about the rich and dramatic history of our ancient family. National House of Gordon organisations also host numerous tents around the world.