The days of armoured knights and colourful tournaments may be long gone, but the art of heraldry still flourishes to this day. Learn the basics, before browsing our armorial of over 100 different Gordon “coats of arms”!

Introduction to Heraldry

What exactly is “heraldry”? Learn what the different parts of a coat of arms are using the example of our Chief’s arms. Understand the difference between crests and badges, standards and banners, and find out where you can learn more.

Gordon Heraldry

What can a coat of arms tell us about the genealogy of that person? How can you tell whether a coat of arms is a Gordon one? What are some distinctive and interesting facts about the heraldry of the Gordon family? Where can you see examples of these arms?

The Armorial

We have brought together over 100 different shields of arms borne by many different members of the Gordon family. Click on each shield to get a full description of their heraldry.